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We offer 5 different weekly schedules to meet your needs.

Learn By Doing

We are hands-on all day, giving our children experiences that help them learn, remember, and encourage each other through co-teaching.

Beyond the Books

We take our classroom outdoors and beyond to enhance their learning.

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PreK-K Oak Meadow/Waldorf core curriculum includes reading, writing, and math. We also have Earth School inspired farm visits, yoga, mindfulness, history, geography, Spanish, cooking, gardening, art, and working with animals. Limited to 10 students with 3-4 day options.


Available one day per week only for ages 5-11. Extracurricular outdoor instructors teach this day. Classes include art, French, cooking, forest school, yoga, drumming, mindfulness, and art. Class limited to 10 students as 1 day per week option.


Oak Meadow/Waldorf curriculum for grades 1-5 includes reading, writing, and math. We also have Earth School inspired farm visits, yoga, mindfulness, history, geography, Spanish, cooking, gardening, art, and working with animals. Limited to 10 students with 3 to 4-day options.

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Academic Studies

Core Made Fun


Reading & Writing

Each child will learn at their comprehensive level. Our core teacher will work with different age groups as well as have the children engage in cooperative learning and teaching. We incorporate multilayer learning with writing and reading throughout the entire curriculum. First instance, while making a history book for the lesson, they are creatively learning writing, history, art, and reading all in one!


We encourage math to be fun. Playing games that involve counting, working with angles, and tape measures while learning to build is an included activity. Different math methodology is included to correlate with age levels.


Science is offered at different times of the year. We love experiments, growing things, and we also have a microscope.


History will come alive in our outdoor theatre! Not only will they learn historical events, the children will design their own history books, create plays, and act out history.

Extracurricular Programs

Encouraging Creativity Indoors & Outdoors

Art & Design

Art is incorporated into multiple subjects. Waldorf-inspired art will be in fine motor skills, science, history, and even math. For instance, if they are learning the history of Native Americans, they will create, draw, and write a book on the historical events describing what happened. They will then share the book. Next, the children will create a play on the events. We also offer self-expression art on Mondays. We have several experienced tutors and teachers. Art is everywhere!


On Mondays, Jerome teaches the children to build fires, structures from nature, and also speaks French/English while teaching. This is cooperative learning and learning the art of teamwork with creativity.

Confidence & Expression

Yolanda Beckers of the Inner Light Center teaches children how to deal with their feelings. Emotional maturity and confidence is an essential part of life. We want our kids to be happy with integrity and confidence to succeed emotionally in life. We create a safe environment where kids feel they can express themselves freely.


Children will grow their food and often cook with it. They will learn the basics of cooking combined with the importance of nutrition. We are a sugar-free zone! The center takes a holistic view of nutrition. We encourage the kids to learn how to make healthy desserts, spelt bread, and meals!


Monday class taught by Jerome Sanchez, professional musician with 35 years experience as a percussionist. He is a gem with the kids! They will learn to make beats and drum as a group. Jerome was also born and raised in France and fluently speaks French. He will incorporate French while teaching!

Farm Visits

Around the neighborhood (all walking distance), we have rescue sanctuaries with horses, deer, cows, chickens, and goats. Children will learn about livestock, harvesting eggs, harvesting milk, and how to raise/socialize with farm animals. We will visit Inyoni organic Farm weekly on the Tuesday-Thursday program. Kids will purchase, harvest, and eat/cook the food they gather from the farm. They will be able to choose seasonal produce, encouraging lessons on life and seasons. Each child can present what they make and what season it is from. This incorporates science, cooking, exercise, and cooperative teaching along with compassion and empathy for animals.

Foreign Language

French class with Jerome on Mondays and Spanish with Mariana on the 3-day curriculum. We focus on speaking the language while involved in movement or activities. We encourage speaking alternative languages throughout the day and in the other courses.


Children will start all their own seeds, plant, water, and harvest a vegetable garden. This will incorporate science lessons. They will also cook and eat their own food. We encourage parent participation and will have meals cooked by kids for the parents.


This fun course is offered at different times of the year. Children will be put into groups to learn about an individual country. They will present the country to the class and parents/children will help to make food from that country. This type of project is cooperative and easy for children to learn. We also create the environment through sound and movement. For instance, if we are learning about the Amazon, we get out the drums, make monkey sounds, and dance! We encourage movement—no kid should ever sit for more than 30 minutes!


Monday class teaches kids to look inward and learn emotional intelligence. It is important for children to learn how to deal with their feelings in a positive manner. We have very special teachers, like Yolanda Beckers, who have years of experience teaching these classes.


Children learn how to express creativity within the subject matter. They make art books, and then they create plays. Plays will be acted out in front of other students and parents. If we have any shy students, we will encourage them to create props and offer direction.


Kids learn basic yoga poses in fun and creative ways. We take the time each day to stretch and ground to nature.

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